Client Stories

Here are a few testimonials from clients I’ve worked with.

“Keri has brought unimaginable, astonishing order to the chaos of a sports-space-history-entertainment collection of items ranging from astronaut photographs, to letters from Lou Gehrig to a young ballplayer, to flirtatious notes from John F. Kennedy to potential voters.  Her superb organizational abilities are only matched by her keen sensitivity to the intellectual and emotional stake of her clients in their disorderliness.”  

Peter, Washington, DC

Organize those Papers came onto the scene, interviewed staff, got down and dirty (quite literally) and went through boxes, and came up with a tailored plan to get ourselves organized. Revamping files and archives may not be super sexy but this work has already had a great impact on every single staffer and project. Of all the things I may accomplish at my job, hiring Organize those Papers may have the most long-term, significant impact on the job.
Eileen Toback, NYPNU, NYC

I am very glad I found you to help me.  Your advice was great and you were a lot of fun to work with.  It was a small job but I feel great that we finished it and I wouldn’t have without your help.  And as I said it has been a launch for many positive improvements around here.  Thank you again!
Lydia, Takoma Park

I recently hired Keri to help me manage my ‘paper chaos’ and provide accessible strategies for me to maintain my business files. She has the vision to see the endgame amidst the folders, and the sea of labels somehow fall in perfect order. I am now running my business much more effectively and I can find the information I need quickly.
A consummate professional, expert at her craft, and exceptional human, I emphatically recommend Keri to anyone needing anything organized. And my desk is still tidy!
Ami Palombo, Owner/Executive Producer, Fortress of Evil