How I Can Help

Organize Those Papers is a service to help you organize your home and office, based in metropolitan Washington D.C.

Too many of us live under the stress of clutter and information overload. I work with clients that are ready to tackle their paper piles, disorganized computer files and their most precious treasures.

My mission is to help you streamline the way you manage your home and office, to take the pressure off and keep you in control. As a qualified archivist I can help, whether it is to keep your bills and papers organized, organize and file your work documents or help to organize and preserve precious family archives and memorabilia collections.

We start with a needs assessment and action plan. That often means setting up a system to make it easier to keep your paper and electronic files in order. Once you have an easy-to-use system, finding those important documents becomes simpler and stress free. Also available for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly maintenance sessions.

Your privacy and confidentially are guaranteed.